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With us, you'll get the same information used by appraisers, underwriters, and investors to determine property values.

You'll receive information on up to ten of the most recent comparable sales matching your property, as well as a property valuation range, area historical sales averages, and full details about your property.  

Our home value report is the most complete, comprehensive and accurate available on the market today. To see samples of the 6 reports you will receive, just click here .

Place your order and your reports will be emailed to you within 24 hours (although delivery time is usually less than one hour). To get started, just enter the street address and zip code where you would like a home value report and click the button below.

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*Home value information is available for almost every county and state in the United States.  In the event a home value report cannot be performed, your order will not be fulfilled and you will not be charged anything.

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